Eclipse Helios Review

The Eclipse Helios release train has been out for a few weeks now and it’s looking pretty good. Here are some initial thoughts about it.

I’ve been using Eclipse since version 2.1 back in 2003 and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. It started out as mostly a Java development environment, but now there’s plug-ins to do almost anything in Eclipse. For example, I’ve used it for Java, C, Python, Subversion, RSS, and TeX, among other things. See the Eclipse Marketplace for a look at what else is available. It’s cross-platform too, so it can be used on almost any operating system.

Windows 7 Support

As of this release, Eclipse supports new Windows 7 UI features. For example, any time there’s a task running in Eclipse, the progress of it will also be shown in the taskbar:

There’s also support for jump lists now.

Finding MinGW in Path

In earlier versions of CDT, there was a bug where if you had MinGW binaries in a folder other than C:\MinGW\bin, you had to edit a registry key to get CDT to see it. Now you can just put the directory of MinGW in your path and CDT will find it, which is useful when you’re working with different installation directories for MinGW.

More cool new features in CDT can be seen here.

Subversion Integration

I have found one thing I don’t like about this release so far, and it’s the installation process for Subversive, the project that provides Subversion integration in the Helios release train. When you install it, you first have to download and install Subversive, then after that’s installed, you have to choose and install a separate connector from a different download site to be able to use it. It’s a really bad user experience having to figure out which connector to get. I dislike this additional step in the installation process since I have to spend time looking up what exactly these connectors are and which is the best for me to use. I guess the connectors have incompatible licenses or something.


In conclusion, the annual Eclipse release train is awesome as usual and I hope SWT Qt is available soon.

For more information about Eclipse, read the press release. New and Noteworthy for this release is here and downloads are here.


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