Dragon Fest McDonald’s Bag

I got this nifty bag from the McDonald’s booth at Dragon Fest in Seattle.

Pocket Monsters Background Music Episode 5

The following is a list of background music used in episode 5 of the Japanese Pocket Monsters show in chronological order:


McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokémon Toy 2014 Picture

Here’s a picture of the Happy Meal toy I got:

McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokémon Toys 2014

There weren’t any Pokémon Happy Meal toys last year in the US, but it looks like they will be returning to McDonald’s restaurants on May 23 through June 12: www.happymeal.com

The Problem with RBGW Displays

According to http://www.nouvoyance.com/technology.html, the pixels in an RGBW display look like this:

In the following image, the left half contains alternating black and white pixels and the right half is is the same except the black and white pixels are swapped. On a standard RGB display, the two halves look the same. However, on RGBW (assuming no DPI scaling or zooming is being used), the two halves are completely different colors and they also change if you move the image around.

This is a problem because a pixel in RGBW cannot display as much information as a standard RGB pixel.

Habanero Ranch Sauce

Here is a picture of the habanero ranch sauce you can get with Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s.

High Resolution Laptops

Here is a list of laptops with the highest pixel densities I could find ordered by screen size.

Size Resolution Pixels Per Inch Examples
11.6″ 2560 X 1440 253 Dell XPS 11
13.3″ 3200 X 1800 276 Clevo W230SS, Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus
13.9″ 3200 X 1800 264 Aorus X3 Plus
14″ 3200 X 1800 262 Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U904, Fujitsu LIFEBOOK UH90/L, HP ENVY TouchSmart 14, Razer Blade
15.6″ 3840 X 2160 282 Asus GX500, Asus NX500, Lenovo Y50 UHD, Toshiba Satellite P50t, Toshiba Tecra W50